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In its standard configuration, the S-3700N comes with a secondary electron detector, a five-segment backscattered electron (BSE) detector and a variable pressure (VP) mode.This allows observation of most samples in their natural state or in a wet condition, without the need for metal coating, which was required in the past with conventional SEM. The S-3700N has a huge sample chamber and can accommodate samples as large as 300 mm in diameter and 110 mm tall. It also has many accessory ports with accessories including, for example, EDX, and WDX.
• The extra large chamber can accommodate samples up to 300 mm in diameter and EDX/WDX accessories simultaneously. It also accommodates samples as tall as 110 mm.
• A 5-axis motorized stage with eucentric tilt and rotation, an image navigation system, stage history, stage memory and click to center.
• User-friendly GUI design
• The display system allows a full-frame, flicker free, high pixel density, real-time image. It also allows simultaneous display of images from two different detectors, each having different sample information, in real-time, including signal mixing.
• VP mode for observation of non-conductive samples without the need for metal coating.
• A high sensitivity semiconductor BSE detector that operates in a rapid scan mode. This makes finding areas of interest on large samples easy and convenient.
• Comes with a Turbo Molecular Pump (TMP) as standard equipment. This minimizes sample contamination due to its clean, dry vacuum conditions. Unlike conventional diffusion pumped SEM, the S-3700N does not require a large heating power or a water re-circulator, making it an energy-saving and ecological SEM.
• A fully integrated EDS system that is capable of point analysis, area analysis, line analysis and elemental mapping.
•  A fully integrated WDS system that can analyze light elements.










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Surface analysis & TEM


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