Hultgren Laboratory of Materials Science and Engineering at KTH

Welcome to the LIMS system for accessing the advanced material characterization tools in the "Hultgren Laboratory" of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at KTH. This is an integrated service unit of the department of MSE along with the research units of Structures, Processing, and Properties. It has been recognized as an interim infrastructure of KTH. We have a broad range of material characterization and sample preparation tools required for solid-state materials analysis.

Please click on the Tools=>All Tools menu to view the tools available in the lab.

For KTH academic users

Independent access: If you would like to use any of the specific tools independently, you need to follow four steps.

1. Access to the LIMS system.

For obtaining access to the LIMS website, please click the tab User access, complete the two-page application form and submit. One of the administrators will approve your application and you will receive a confirmation email.

2. Lab tour / Introduction to safety regulations

For this, you need to book time with one of the three staff members of the lab, Peter Hedström, Prasath Babu or Wenli Long for a lab tour. After the lab tour, you can apply for access to the lab corridor.

3. Access to the lab corridor

To get this access through your access card, you should send an email to the director of the lab, Peter Hedström with your access card number requesting access to the lab with cc to the lab tour guide. Once approved by the director (Peter), you will have complete access rights. The next step is to get a tool license.

4. Getting a license to operate the tool

Once you have full access to the LIMS page and lab corridor, you will be able to apply for a license to the required tools. An instructor will be training you for the required period as decided by the tool responsible until you can demonstrate your competence for the independent operation of the instrument. After receiving the license for the tool, you can book and use the tool within the booking limitations.

Dependent access: If you are interested in using any of the tools but do not want to get independent access to the tool, please contact the instrument responsible for assistance. The name of the person responsible for the individual tool can be seen on the information page of each tool. If you require more information on capabilities and or about accessing specific tools, you can directly contact the person responsible for the tool.

For External Users

External academic and industrial users who are interested in accessing our facilities, please feel free to contact us at for detailed information.